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New Year celebration is one of the oldest traditions in Afghanistan. First day of the New Year is the time of celebration Nowruz (New Year) in Afghanistan. People get ready for celebration this holiday from two weeks earlier in old year.

Rose celebrate is another special celebration that held in Mazar-e Sharif in Afghanistan. This celebration is for 40 days that starts from first day of the New Year. During these 40 days, people come from everywhere, especially from other counties to attend at this celebration in Mazar. We call this celebration rose celebration because in these days all desert in Mazar gets cover with rose flowers.

Farmers’ day celebration: it is also a famous celebrations in Afghanistan that held in the first day of New Year. All farmers come to cities with their products to show to others. In recent years, the ceremony is performed only in Kabul and other major cities. Governmental authorities also like to join and watching the celebration among the civilians.

Sufi (Sufism) Music: This type of music is very famous in Afghanistan singers and poets to describe the Prophet Muhammad and his followers engaged.

Folk music: Each tribe has its own local music style in Afghanistan: Badakhshan, Kharabati, Logar, Qataghany, Hzargy…..

When refugees returned from other countries like Pakistan, Iran, and western countries they are wearing those clothes that they were warring in those counties. There are deferent types of clothing in Afghanistan.
In the cities, especially educated people; are following Western styles and day by day they are improving in field of wearing new models. Also there are some people who wear traditional clothes as symbols of their adherence to Afghanistan culture and Islam. Head covering is an obligation for all females in Afghanistan from Islamic points they must hide their hair with clothes.

Afghanistan’s sports are under separated federations, now a day we have the cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, handball, taekwondo, boxing, chess, bodybuilding, weightlifting, snooker and some other federations in Afghanistan. Football and cricket have the large number of their funs in Afghanistan.

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