Africa - The Most Artistic Continent

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Africa - The Most Artistic Continent 

Africa is an extraordinary continent, providing the ultimate geographic landscape for any explorer or traveler. There are mountains and caves to explore and climb, with grasslands and safaris that home hundreds of exotic animals and species. The continent possesses the most important historical event in human history - the origin of the human being. Aside from the inland wonders, the African coast consists of beautiful beaches that attract tourist and oceanographers annually.

Many of the most significant artifacts in history lay dormant and undiscovered in the African continent, awaiting an explorer to unlock another important piece of history. Of these historical landmarks and artifacts are the Great Pyramids, built thousands of years ago to honor and entomb the gods of the Egyptians, once known as Pharaohs. Exactly how these gargantuan pyramids were created remains a mystery that may very well one day be discovered. 

The above image captures the infamous Great Pyramids of Egypt

Another incredible landmark in Africa is the Fish River Canyon in Namibia. This landmark resembles the well-known Grand Canyon located in the United States. There are various species of animals and birds that can be seen at the Fish River Canyon, with the Fish River flowing directly in the center of the enormous canyon. Overall, the canyon stretches 27-kilometers across, and was created by the 160-kilometer ravine. 

Africa flourishes with beautiful waterfalls, but Victoria Falls, located in Zambia, is one of the most incredible waterfalls to inhabit the continent. However, there is another beautiful water landmark that is located in Botswana. The Okavango Delta is a maze of lakes and lagoons that draw wildlife from hundreds of miles away, and happens to be located in the middle of a dessert!

The Big Hole is located in Kimberly, South Africa. This hole is one of the most famous South African diamond mines, and was hand dug until completion in 1914! The mine is over 1500-feet wide and is now filled with water, but remains a great tourist location. The Avenue of the BaoBabs in Madagascar is the ultimate location for any person who has a passion or liking for trees. The trees draw in hundreds of tourist and photographers each year.

Africa - The most Beautiful Continent

This collection of images and landmarks are just a few of the thousands of marvelous places to visit in Africa. For tourists, athletes, photographers, zoologist, oceanographers and so many more, this is the ultimate continent and location to truly engage and experience in your passion. The African wildlife and forests are unlike any other location in the world. Africa is truly a mysterious, beautiful and historical content - filled with wonder and beauty.

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