Artificial Intelligence: Understanding The Concept Of The Internet Of Things (IoT)

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Artificial Intelligence: Understanding The Concept Of The Internet Of Things (IoT)


(Artificial Intelligence: Understanding The Concept Of The Internet Of Things (IoT) - Image credit via Just Creative Website - The Internet Of Things)


( Artificial Intelligence: Understanding The Concept Of The Internet Of Things - Video Credits Via YouTube Edukera Channel )

The Internet of Things will augment your brain.
Eric Schmidt


If we will simplify the meaning of lot or the Internet of Things that it is like a connection between all the smart devices present in our daily lives. To break down the meaning of IoT, it has two main parts. The internet which is the connectivity to all the things or devices that has the internet. The internet of things or lot allows these devices to talk to each other or interconnect to each other with a common system or the chip or barcode that is embedded in each device that sends data to the network and translated by the lot system. 


(Understanding The Concept Of The Internet Of Things - Image credit via Bakom)

The internet of things is the common language that each smart devices or technology are capable of communicating with each other. The way we control our smartphones and connect them on our home automation, for example, is made possible by the internet of things or lot system. 



The Internet of things is the extension of Internet connectivity into physical devices and everyday objects. Embedded with electronics, Internet connectivity, and other forms of hardware, these devices can communicate and interact with others over the Internet, and they can be remotely monitored and controlled. 

Source Wikipedia ">">Wikipedia 


With today's innovation and technology, Understanding The Concept Of The Internet of Things or loT is one of the least most beneficial factors that affect our lifestyle today. Artificial intelligence has really come a long way when it comes to how it's simplifying and connect each device to our daily lives from our home automation to smart buildings and providing smart cities that are beneficial to our climate and to the world. 

As the Internet of Things advances, the very notion of a clear dividing line between reality and virtual reality becomes blurred, sometimes in creative ways.

Geoff Mulgan

Understanding the concept of the internet of things loT may seem complicated but once you get to know the simplified connection of every device or object to each other will help you understand and see the benefits of IoT in our daily lives. The IoT or internet of things is an invincible thread that connects your smartphone and allows you to control or manipulate any smart devices present in your home. 

Understanding the Concept Of The Internet Of Things (IoT) In Our Daily Lives



(Understanding The Concept Of The Internet Of Things - The 7 Characteristics Of IoT - Image credit via i-Scoop )

The internet of things (IoT) makes it possible why we can control smart cars to reach their destinations and find the shortest route to avoid the traffic without a driver in it. This unmanned vehicle is the new invention with machine learning from artificial intelligence that allows us to navigate traffic and vehicle to simplify our lives with transportation

With the wide range of how the Internet of Things is present in our daily lives gives us control on almost everything. To further give you of how understanding the concept of the internet of things (IoT) is to simply live with it. You can check as to how IoT and Artificial Intelligence has the greatest impact on our lives today.


Big data, Iot, Digital Supply Chain - all have great potential. Do your due diligence before investing.

Dave Waters

How Does IoT And AI Are Connected With Every Device And Smart Things?

Understanding the concept of the internet of things(IoT) and how IoT is connected with every devices and smartphone in our life is the new innovation of science and technology to simplify our living. We can now track our health and physical activities via smartwatch which later on sends all the data to the lot network. 

Transportation And IoT

The sensor or barcode that is present on your smart car sends data and information on the nearby traffic light that calculates the time of your destination which you can get the information on the GPS system you are using whenever you are traveling from one place to another. This also simplifies the transportation from one place to another, making sure that you took the easiest and closest route with lesser time.


(Transportation And the Internet Of Things - Image credit via Yate)

All the data that are collected are then integrated to give analysis and easy easier communication of devices that benefits as for a simplified output. Imagine the smart drive driverless car reach their destination properly without any delay. It is because of the data collected from the smart car's sensor that translates to the satellites or traffic lights allowing the transportation process to be smooth and safe. This is how understanding the concept of the internet of things(IoT) works with simple yet wonderful and dynamics output two new devices which made possible with machine learning from artificial intelligence

Video credits via YouTube - SAS">">SAS Software Channel

Health And Iot

Understanding the concept of the internet of things (IoT) through healthcare and how it affects us greatly is by the data collected from the wearables that simplify our diagnosis when it comes to providing accurate details of our physical activities that affect our lifestyle. 


(Healthcare and the Internet of Things - image credit via Yash Mehta)

From smartwatch that monitors our health condition which also sends data to the IoT system to give us a report of our physical activities throughout the day. 

The leverage of convergence of passive sensors that monitors the health of each consumer both mobile and not with IoT wearables and clothing makes it easier for healthcare providers to access and give the right medications from the embedded sensors on this healthcare devices.


We've heard a lot about the Internet of Things - I think we need an Internet of Women

Christine Lagande
IMF Managing Director

Home Automation And Iot

With today's innovation and technology, Understanding the concept of the internet of things (IoT) through home automation makes it a simplified way of navigating devices inside your home to provide comfort and convenience. From how you can control the lighting system inside your home to how your motorized shades help in managing the energy consumption thus transforming your home into a smart home.

A great way to start using the internet of things with your smart devices is by how they can simplify workload through easy control even on your smartphone. You can set up and save preferred settings and positions of your window treatments to control the temperature inside your house which highly affects the energy consumption from the use of air conditioning or heaters.  


(Home Automation And IoT - Image credit via Klemchuk LLP)

In can be a great way of how you connect your smart devices to your smartphone and navigate them even if you are out of the house to which you can just send controls and it will be done. That is how dynamic the connection of smart devices to each other through a common network, which is a lot.

There will be more devices in the future that are connected to the internet of things which you can easily navigate to make your life even simplified an easier with the right artificial intelligence embedded in every chip that connects them to the internet of things.


The Internet of Things promises to bring every object, consumer, and activity into the digital realm.

Paul Daugherty
Accenture, CEO

Smart Buildings And Iot


Another way to showcase the wonderful benefits of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things is through smart buildings. the mear concept of how connected living is with the smart buildings technology gives us a dynamic overview of how technology has evolved in the best way possible for mankind. The connected sensors present in the smart building manage the efficiency and consumption of power to make sure that what you get is both beneficial to occupants and the building owner. 


(Smart Building Features And IoT - Image credit via Digital Economy)


Who would have ever thought that those technology we watched on tv and big screens are now happening to us, one way or another. that is because of the continuous understanding and development of Artificial Intelligence through machine learning. Our smart buildings are coming to trend and sooner than later, all buildings that we see rise becomes a new data collection that will participate in the invisible thread of IoT.


The Iot is being called the fourth industrial revolution, and is expected to have a value of over $10 trillion by 2025.

McKinsey Global Institute


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