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I'm honored to announce  that my short documentary film "Magic of the underground" ( received it's third laurels and officially got selected for American Online Film Awards.  It is going to be a part of the showcase this Spring and also going to compete for an Award.  

Shortlists are made from the showcases by an industry panel, from which the final selection is chosen and films nominated for specific awards. The award screenings take place after. The final award ceremony will take place in December 2014 in NYC. Some of the awards are influenced by the audience so i will greatly appreciate your support and will keep posting updates in regards to this event:) 

The programmer sent me such a flattering email. That means a lot to any filmmaker. It is the rewarding feeling of realizing people like your work that makes you go forward and try harder no matter what. So i am very pleased and touched. 

"Congratulations! Our team thought your work embodied the creative spirit filmmakers strive to achieve. You won't have to worry about selection, it goes straight into the 2014 Spring Showcase".




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