Ayam Cemani- The most expensive Chicken in the world

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You might wondering what makes this chicken became the most expensive in the world, maybe you would think it lays golden egg? This chicken was actually known as the luxury chicken, because of its unique color. Its extremely rare chicken and its named Ayam Cemani, it has color black from head to toe and not just the outside body are black also the inner part of its body are totally black.

And guess, how much is the cost of one rare chicken? It cost as much as $2,500 and if you want to have one, it only sold in pairs for $5,000, little bit expensive right?

And if you are wondering if this is really a natural color of this rare chicken, its obviously yes. Everything about this chicken is black, from beak, legs, toe nails, plumage, its meat, bones and organs are totally black. 

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