Baghnazargah First Internet Classroom Completed

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Today, our partner in Afghanistan, Roya Mahboob, e-mailed us the pictures of the Internet classroom we built in Baghnazargah School, in Herat, Afghanistan. We selected the color of the paint with Roya, and she did the rest. It took Roya's team only two weeks to renovate the classroom and do the Installation. At this link you can see how the classroom looked like two weeks ago.

Building Schools in Afghanistan for some is a real big deal. For others, it seems to be a fairly easy process. Just imagine the impact of this project on Afghanistan schools for girls and boys. We made a difference in a few weeks. Imagine what you'll see in a few months.

The cost of this operation was less than $20,000. The companies involved didn't fly overseas, stay in expensive hotels, or eat in expensive restaurants. We used email and Skype.

Baghnazargah School has 4000 students and 100 teachers. In essence, our investment is about 5 dollars per person, and those 5 dollars will allow us to raise the per capita Afghanistan GDP from $900 to $8,000 per year. Should we talk about the Return on the Investment (ROI)?

The Afghanistan Educational System is directly connected with the Economy of Afghanistan, and as a result, its return on the investment is staggering.

Visit our photo gallery for some before/after pictures of the classroom.



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