Baghnazargah High School, Herat, building schools in Afghanistan

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Here is a brief update on the Afghan Development project. We are working with Roya Mahboob to identify where to start building schools in Afghanistan, we will buid Internet Classrooms.

Here's some information on a possible candidate:

Baghnazargah High School
5km far from Herat city.
It doesn’t have laboratory and library.

Number of female teachers 47
Number of Male teachers 50
Number of Female students 1700
Number of Male student 2000
Date of establishment 1989

We are working with Roya Mahboob's software company Citadel to determine the details of the project, including the security of the equipment and a schedule for the project's execution. We will document the progress of the construction and implementation of the internet classrooms via videos and blogs.

Here's a link to the Afghan Development Web TV we created to support our project.

This is our first step to support the Afghan education system, in particualr Afghanistan schools for girls and with it the education of women in Afghanistan.

The lack of education in Afghanistan has empaired the growth of Afghanistan GDP and we are working to resolve this problem empowering Afghanistan women businesses.

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