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June 2009 was my first time to try tutoring.  I was working in a call center then but I was also looking for another part time job.  I was recommended by a friend to one of her tutorials.  It so happened that new students came from South Korea that time.  Baguio City is one of the favorite destination of South Koreans to come and learn English and others put up businesses here and stayed for good.  I did some online tutorials before but this was my first time to tutor in person.

My first and let's say last student was Larry.  Let's just call him with his chosen English name.  When I asked him why he liked that name he said "he just liked it."  The day I went to meet him was the day they arrived from Manila.  I didn't have any teaching materials with me that time so we just get to know each other better.  With him are his sister, his aunt and three cousins.

They stayed here for six months and then went home to South Korea.  After three months they came back and stayed for another school year.  Me and my other tutors take turn in teaching the kids but I spend more time with Larry than the others.  After they went home for good, I stopped teaching.

Larry is now about to enter the mandatory two-year military training in South Korea.

Below are videos of some of the games we let them play just before they went home.

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