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My Videos

Since I don't have any videos to upload, I tried working with my camera again and used it's video feature.  I just started taking videos of flowers in our yard since that is the easiest and simplest one to start with.  I took just a few seconds of videos, edited them to Windows Movie Maker, put some quotes and uploaded them here.

Check my Don't Worry video.

This video on the other hand was taken last New Year's eve.  I really like to play with bokeh.  The fireworks then were not that great so I decided to just take a few seconds of videos of those lights for future use.

This video is what I came up with that.

On the first video, I didn't put a music as background.  I think it is befitting that the natural background is to be used.  On the second video I put a background music (Film Scores Royalty Free - Music For Movies And Short Films) as the sound of the original video is not that good.  For my videos, I search for free background music in YouTube and used those except for my first video.

I actually had fun doing this.  I might even submit a video later on for review.

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