Building schools in Afghanistan

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     When Taliban was ruling in Afghanistan, even there were not 50 schools in the country. They closed and destroyed all girls' schools across the country. They believed that girls are created to be home and serve the men while they come home after work.

     This is why Afghan people were living in an ignorant situation in Taliban regime. Even Afghan women were not allowed by the Taliban to visit doctors at their consulting rooms or at any hospitals. For example, only armature midwives were helping pregnant women give birth to their children.

     After the fall of the Taliban, everything changed. Today, there are only 16000 schools across Afghanistan. In addition, there are lots of other national and international companies help Afghan government repair and increase the number of schools. For example, Afghan Citadel Software Company has repaired 9 girls' schools in Herat, Afghanistan. In addition, it has equipped their classes with free internet classes. Besides, they have taught the students how to use from the social media, such as Film Annex, Twitter, linked in, and g-mail.

     Through internet class rooms, today, students search about different issues and enhance their knowledge.

Afghan education is now on the road improvement more than any other time in the past.

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