Buz-e-Chini -- Afghanistan's first 3D animation movie

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I came across this really wonderful video on Film Annex’s NATOchannel that I have shared above. In small measures, Afghanistan is taking baby steps towards self-sufficiency. This is Afghanistan’s first 3D animation movie called Buz-e-Chini. A very simple story of a goat that tries to protect its kids from the evil wolf, it is an appealing story for a large audience. It premiered at the Oslo Film Festival last year. Made by Abbas and his team, the film making had its own load of struggles.

Abbas is a Hazara belonging to one of the ethnic minorities that inhabit the northern parts of Afghanistan. Historically, the Hazaras have faced persecution at the hands of other ethnicities. With this movie, Abbas wanted to connect to his roots. This is an old Hazare fable that is done against the background of the Bamiyan Buddha statues that were destroyed mercilessly by the Taliban. The story teaches brotherhood and peaceful coexistence.

Abbas has an equally interesting story of his own. He fled to Pakistan after Taliban took over the reins of Afghanistan in the late 1990s. He got his degree in graphic designing from Pakistan. Then, he decided to make a movies based on one of the popular tales of his childhood. His only intention is to promote harmony and peace in his war-torn country. The production of Buz-e-Chini was started in 2005 by Abbas and some friends. They pooled in their own money to do the project. They faced many difficulties but kept at it and finally succeeded in finishing the movie. Last week, it was shown in Afghani theatres for the first time.

I am sure it is a matter of pride for Abbas as well as for all Afghanis.

Do see the video above for interesting tidbits that Abbas shares about the making of the movie and its snippets. The movie comes without voice over.

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