China to play a floating drydock to build artificial islands in the Spratlys illegal

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Jane's Defense Magazine UK recently reported that China is studying the construction of a mobile floating dock on the East Sea in service operations fostering the illegal artificial islands in the Spratlys

Exhibition Beach International 2014 held at Dalian, when interviewed reporters of The Journal of Defense Jane's, an official at the center of scientific research vessel belonging to Group China Shipbuilding revealed that, China is studying the development of mobile floating docks versatile in the future will be located in the Paracels and Spratlys Central plate for scientific research vessels at the exhibition was announced diagram design drawings of the new dock.
Accordingly, the dry dock will be built on land and then be transported to the island and then proceed installation. Dock system after installation complete with a rectangular floor and is connected to the island by a bridge. It is reported that China will conduct the first test installation of this type of dry dock in Hoang Sa. After completing the test, the dry dock will be taken to be located in Spratlys

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