Unfairly blown penalty, Liverpool still win West Brom

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Although referee blows for a penalty unfairly helps rivals Liverpool equalized but ultimately still more goals to win the final 2-1 West Brom. Army of Rodgers had 10 points and a temporary rise seventh place.
Liverpool is not bad for the first time season, so every time you take the lead as their opponents like a ton relieve the pressure. In the match against West Brom, Rodgers's men played deadlock early in the game a long time and they were very glad to have the opener in the final minutes played first half. However, Liverpool's happiness a little spoiled by the referee.

The "black king" was courtesy of West Brom's penalty 56 minutes in clearance situations, defender Lovren was fouled Berahino is too obvious, but point is fouled outside the penalty area. The referee mistakenly see only striker Berahino down and so is the penalty for penalty. Fortunately for Liverpool, they've had more goals from Henderson shortly thereafter to reach victory.

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