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So I have these people in my life called co-workers. Some of them are genuinely good people and intend well. I have this one co-worker that I kind of squint one eye at times. He was being an ass to me for the longest time. Then he left to go back to his own country to see his wife and family in the middle east. He came back and the first thing he said to me was "now I'm back here in Saskatoon". No biggie if your read it that way, but his tone of voice was "now I'm back here in stupid Saskatoon". His tone of voice was a direct insult to Saskatoon my city. It felt like a direct attack on me. I started thinking "what in the heck is so bad about Saskatoon?". Then my thoughts went a little deeper. First off, you come to my country (yes it is not his country, our fellow veterans did not fight for the muslim god. They did fight for freedom to worship any god, but the muslim god is that of a god of none freedom as it is evident that Christians get killed in Islamic countries on a constant basis just for the sake of being Christian), and you complain about Canada and Saskatoon. You act like you have no choice but to be here. It just doesn't make sense. Right here right now I have a guy who left his family all the way across the other side of the world, comes to a very cold country, and lives in a city that he doesn't like, working at a job that doesn't pay much more then 12 dollars an hour. He has been trying to get his family here for years, and the government has tightened up the rules of immigration. I would say that he is determined to live in Canada because he loves it so much, but he flat out doesn't like Canada as he verbally proclaimed. He is rude to a Canadian who has lived here all his life, and shows no appreciation for the privilege that Canada accepted him. You know this opens up a lot of questions.

I have heard this concept before. The concept that I have heard more then once is that the muslims come to Canada and the United States to populate the countries with their kind. Then the muslims enter the political world and get voted in. Now we have the risk of having a muslim leader in Canada and the United States who have the ability to start making anti Christian laws. Could Canada and the United States be targets where it will be OK to kill Christians because of their beliefs? Could North America be a target of muslim laws? Believe me, the muslims have pulled the human rights card many times because of their turbans. Is this man here to support this cause? Look I'm not saying that all muslims are in this together, I am however convinced that there are muslim groups out there that would pull this. They have done this before in a multi cultural country and killed all Christians in that country during World War 1. Look up the mass genocide that happened in the Ottoman Empire which you will never learn about in your mainstream text books. 3,650,000 Christians massacred in cold blood in the Ottoman Empire between 1914 and 1923. Muslims had political power during this time and it is sure to be that the same tactics could be used in Canada and the United States. Like I'm saying though, you can't look at all muslims and be leery of them all. I bet most muslims don't even know about this part of history. Christians don't exactly have a perfect record either, this doesn't mean that all Christians are bad, and like wise for muslims.

The problem I have is that muslims are so determined to wear their turbans and Canadian laws change because of this. Things like muslim police don't have to wear their police hats because they have to wear their turbans, or when riding a motorcycle they don't have to wear a helmet, but Canadians do. The Canadian government sure likes to favor immigrants from other countries over their own people it seems.

The bigger problem I have with this is I have never seen a turban wearing man in the Canadian army forces, nor have I seen them in the American army forces. These people come here, walk all over us, take advantage of our wonderful country, yet would they ever fight for the freedom of religion? It's odd, because the only people our troops have ever fought against to keep our freedom of religion is the muslim culture, along side of the always allied Darwinists. This means that the muslim culture is that of the same of anti freedom. It's just so hard to picture a turban wearing muslim fighting for freedom, and fighting for a Christians right to worship freely when the Christian west has always been fighting against these people to keep our freedom. Maybe there are muslim soldiers out there fighting for Canadian freedom, I just personally haven't seen any on TV, or in person. I just want to stress that North America is a free part of the world, and muslims do have the right to worship what ever god they want. We Christian nations can not pull communism on them and make them stop. In fact we are obligated as Christians to love muslims no matter how much they don't like us and our beliefs. This does not mean that we have to change our laws to accommodate someone that came to our country. They are not part of our heritage, and the muslim belief is not embedded in our foundation, only that of Christianity is our foundation, this will never change no matter what happens in Canada and the United States. If the same thing that happened in the Ottoman Empire happens in North America I guess we would have an inner stellar war on our hands. Christians, don't be fooled into voluntarily disarming yourself because your church doctrine tells you to. This doctrine couldn't be further from the truth, and you sir/malm are a victim of a social engineering tactic which is set up for genocide on Christians in North America. We are smarter then that!

Don't pull the race card, only treat each other as the individual person they are. Just show love to everyone and just know that by doing that you are doing the right thing. Believe me, I'm not anything near perfect, I have co-workers in my life that get me so angry that I have to remind myself and coach myself to act accordingly and I fail many times. In the end I'm always able to compose myself (sometimes it can take some time though, and sometimes it takes throwing an inanimate object behind closed doors LOL).

God asks us to pray for our enemies, so maybe this is something I need to do more often. If muslims are North Americas enemy, then maybe we are suppose to pray for the muslims, if my co-worker is my enemy then maybe I'm suppose to pray for my co-worker. Believe me, I have prayed for my enemies before and it is probably one of the most hardest requests that God could ever ask of me. It's not easy to pray for your enemies. I always ask God to be my guide and be there with me when I know I'm about to face someone that I consider my enemy. Sometimes when I know I'm about to have a confrontation with my co-worker I ask God to please make them my footstool. I think the best way to do this is to love your enemy though, which is so very difficult. This doesn't mean that you don't stick up for yourself though. This means to confront them with confidence that God is with you. You can love someone with out being submissive. I bet once you practice this loving your enemy concept long enough it will easily come to a person with out much effort. This is something that I need to work on immensely.

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