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These are my tips of the day:

Use fluoride free toothpaste:

I will always use fluoride free toothpaste. When I started using fluoride free toothpaste i noticed that my teeth had to get use to it. The fluoride that was around my whole mouth started deteriorating. My gums, tongue, and the back of my mouth started to become more pink. My teeth hurt at times during the transition but after a couple of months I never had that problem anymore.

Only get the white fillings:

I had gotten many fillings in my day. The fillings of course were these metal mercury filled fillings. Of course these fillings were going to cause severe damage to my mind and body. When ever a person brushes with these fillings the toxicity of the mercury and metals spreads 100 times fold. I mean this is the same stuff that they put in thermometres. The protocol when a thermometre breaks is to evacuate the area because the mercury is so toxic. This is the same substance that they are putting in our mouths.

Floss everyday if you can:

Buy a shower head filter:

I bought a can pro 1000 shower head filter for 70 bucks. I don't need to replace the filter in this thing, I only need to flush it out every so often. After I bought this shower head filter I noticed that I felt much better after every shower. I use to feel like crap after showers before I bought this thing. The other thing about this shower head filter is that the taps, and the walls aren't full of that film that's hard to scrub off. Through time they just looked all new, so it's also a time saver when it comes to cleaning.

Use coloidial silver:

I recommend coloidial silver to anyone. Coloidial silver is a great disinfectant, and kills those pesky parasites in your body. The changes in you will be subtle but it will help.

Use Iodine Extract:

I totally recommend iodine extract to everyone. After all the chemicals we ingest and breath in and all that our hormones are all way off balance. Iodine Extract will help restore all of that. When I started taking it I started thinking more clearly, I felt more content and less hyperactive, plus my muscles naturally grew more firm and bigger with out changing any physical activity. Plus my libido was hightened which I definitely see as a good side effect. Women will see the same effects, except their bodies will have enhanced women figures instead of manly figures.

Buy Baking Soda:

If everyone knew the benefits of Baking Soda toothpaste companies would be out of business. I decided to buy some baking soda for once because I knew it was good for teeth. I put it in my mouth and started scrubbing away. My gums were burning as though the baking soda was killing something. I scrubbed and scrubbed for about five minutes, I added more  periodically and kept scrubbing. I spat it out, rinsed my teeth, and took a good long look at my teeth. Well, I thought to myself, those teeth look whiter, and my mouth feels great. After using it for a couple of weeks along with my fluoride free toothpaste and flossing (before I brush) my teeth were so white, and my gums were so pink. I think I'm on to something here. Also I noticed that Baking Soda is a great exfoliate. It might dry the skin a little bit, but put lotion on after exfoliating.

Youthism and me:

I'm not a woman, but I do like the idea of youthism. I like to use aloe vera lotion for my face cause it is great for getting rid of red spots and skin cell rejuvination, then I like to put a layer of coconut lotion on my face because coconut lotion seems to make a persons face glow. When I put conditioner in my hair I try not to let it get on my scalp and only my hair.

Get a scalp Massage:

Scalp massages are understood to allow more blood flow to your head, which in turn allows your hair to grow. Plus a little more blood flow to your head I'm sure is a great benefit.

Drink filtered water:

No one needs fluoride, or chlorine inside their bodies. In fact I'm sure that these types of things are the cause of cancer in many cancer victims. Another tip is to not drink hot water coming from your tap. Hot water loosens the lead in your pipes and goes directly into what ever you are preparing (soup, drink, coffee etc.). Lead is quite toxic.

Boil your meats:

If you boil your meats before frying them (chicken, steak, etc.) you will notice a white foamy layer forming on top of the water. I always boil my meats before actually cooking them and take this white substance off the top of the water and dump it into a cup or bowl and throw it down the drain. Who knows what this stuff is. I just don't think that it's good for us, or could even be toxic. It doesn't look natural what ever it is.

Add Pepper:

If you want a high motabolism then add pepper to all of your meals. It is a very simple way to loose weight, and gain motabolism with out doing a single thing.

Eat anything you want, just cook it yourself:

If you cook everything you eat, then all of the unhealthy foods that you love so much will only be part of your diet on rare occasions. The thought of dishes alone will detour you from making unnecissary foods on a constant basis. You will only treat yourself and your family if you feel up for the extra work of cooking. Cooking use to be a womans creative outlet, and our society took that from them. This is one rule that I have a very hard time to follow. I think small adjustments here and there will help all of us get to the point of cooking for ourselves a little more often.

These are my personal tips for all who read. Not anywhere near a professional in any field to give health tips, but these are what I found to help me, and I'm sure these ideas are universal for everyone.

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