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 Software is a thing which we cannot touch . There are many software which is use in different things. Some software is used  in computer which is use to start the computer and work on it.  Some computer software in different field of life in these days. For example, Antivirus is use to remove and stop to entering the virus in Computer  when we attach any other divice with it.

Internet explorer and other web Browser  ,  Firefox  , safari,  Opera is use to internet  browsing.

Internet downloader manger is use to download anything we want to download in our pc. Folder locker is use to lock any folder which we want. Adobe photo shop is a photo editing software. We crop the picture with use of this. We work more beautiful our picture with this. Another software is a Skype software which is use for a audio and video calling on internet. With this software we can talk to our friends.

Very important software in a computer is a Micro soft Office. This software using mostly that days. Micro soft word is used for making documents.

Movie maker is use to edit the movie many other software which is help us in our daily life. 

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