Create a 'How to Use Film Annex' video and generate more revenues

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Are you a filmmaker or know how to make videos? Are you an active user of Film Annex and understand how it works? Create a “how to” video about Film Annex and promote your own content!

What do we need from you?
Create a video on how to use Film Annex that explains how it works, and how to benefit from it. From the new beta version, to the BuzzScore or how to create content, there are many features to explain! Use your filmmaking and video making skills to make it simple and entertaining!

We only have 2 requirements:
- The video must have the Film Annex Watermark,
- You must give us the permission to use the video for promotion with no limitations and at no cost. If you use music, be sure that it is public domain.
What are the benefits for you?
We will promote the video on our social networks, including our YouTube channel, and drive traffic back to your content on Film Annex and to your affiliate program. Don't forget to add your personal registration URL (that you can find on your 'earn more' page) to the description of the video.

People will be able to join Film Annex through your personal registration URL and you will receive 20% of your affiliates’ revenues.

Are you ready to get creative and receive more revenue?

Make the video, upload it on your Film Annex profile and start seeing the benefits!

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