Critical evaluation of HRM at UFONE

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The Human resource management at UFONE revolves around its employees, the best training is given to all the employees of all departments, the best people are selected in the first place, the wages are higher than the other companies, the facilities are more for the employees than the other companies.

Following my telephone chat with the managers of UFONE (Peshawar and Islamabad) cities I asked them about the motivation level of the employees in different branches in the city and I came to know that all the employees are very motivated and hard working all over the country in all the branches because the communication level is very good in the company and the employees are trusted and secondly the environment given to them is very relaxed they are given certain targets to complete with in a specific time and it depends on them how they manage the time and how they get their targets there is no rush they just have to complete their tasks within the given time and that is very relaxing for the employees as they can work any time to complete their tasks.

The bonuses given to the employees are very high as well but the employees are performing very good too as the company has seen an increase in the market share of 13% in the previous year which is a dramatic change while having such a strong competition. It is costly for the company to be doing so much for the employees but they are definitely getting the return and a draw back of their human resource management is that some of the employees might not work as the others do because of the very relaxed environment so the company needs to improve some of the things to keep some check on the employees because the costs are high so the company should make sure they get the right work out of the employees. 

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