Curious Trivia Part 3

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The following are the common expressions we Filipinos used.

Arbor - This one's a gangster language referring to a fraternal demand or possession owned by another.


Astig - If you reverse this word, you'll get "tigas" which means admirable and can be taken literally as "hard".


Badap - Gay


Bebot - Girl


Cariño Brutal - Familiar with Slapshock's Cariño Brutal? Well this means like "killing me softly" which now reminds us of another song.


Chugi - This originated from the sound "chuk-chak" made by a knife from killing until it was improved and made it to chugi. 


Dito vs Dini - The first word expresses a wider "here" location of the speaker while the latter refers to the immediate position of the speaker.


Gago - In Spanish, this means someone with a speech defect.


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