Debunking the truth determined mermaid on the beach

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In recent days, netizens left comments are noisy when some recent pictures on the internet with the word 'confirmed' that the body of a mermaid had drifted to an island unconfirmed to. But few people know this picture is actually taken the idea from.


The corpse had exactly the same shape as the mermaid.
The corpse had exactly the same shape as the mermaid.

Someone said that the people in the Canary islands (of Spain) was stunned when he saw the corpse of a monster is shaped exactly like "Little Mermaid" fairy tale. The man said he caught the body of this strange creature in a very remote place on the coast.

According to news site said, this image is shared on the social networking site Facebook and netizens in the Philippines and posted to youtube in English titled "Medusa or a mermaid found dead "(Devil Medusa or a mermaid was found dead) or also called" The Real Life Found Dead Medusa "(Medusa Devils actually was found dead).

Some people suspect mermaid pictures recently inspired iconic Medusa. Artwork

In that Medusa is just a bitch name in Greek mythology Gorgon described bizarre face and hair is full of poisonous snakes. This demon magic horrified when someone stares into the eyes will instantly petrified.

If you look carefully photos supposedly new mermaid on the beach, it appears that there is a coincidence of ideas with iconic Medusa. Because this image does involve a woman with bizarre shapes hair like snakes.

Besides the online community after observing this photo also started offering found at curious nature study. Some people commented that a mermaid because based on the tail.

Many people believe that, in fact this is just fake images and it can also be an imitation of the image of a female character in the filmPirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides (Pirates of the Caribbean).

Photos simulated character plays the mermaid in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

In addition there is no picture on the more important it is to where it was taken and when. But it shows that there are too many details make the picture is hardly credible.

Of course, also have to acknowledge the fact that in nature there is so much mystery that people today still do not know. According to the researchers, 95% of our oceans remain unexplored. So that there exists a certain creature called "mermaid" or not is still an unanswered question satisfactorily.

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