The strange weather

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Red rain, lightning, fire tornadoes are three of the weather scientists were rated as the world's most exotic.


The strange weather

Fire Swirl

Whirlpool fire (fire tornado, fire demons) is a rare phenomenon, characterized by flames swirling motion vertical form. Fire Swirl mainly formed in one of two ways, as tornado activity is too close to fire place or a large amount of heat generated in a small area.Fire Swirl different in size and duration of operation, we usually lasts no more than a few minutes.

Giant hail

The giant hailstones, sometimes called ice bombs, often falling from the sky in the fierce thunderstorm. They are broken into small pieces when touching the ground. Largest hailstone ever falls in Vivian, United States, has a diameter of 20.3 cm and weighs 0.87 kg.


Ball lightning is the phenomenon of light hovering in the air appear in the storm. It has the size of a golf ball to a soccer ball, no heat and sound. Scientific data on lightning is scarce because this phenomenon occurs infrequently and unpredictable.

Rain animals

Some animals appear in the rain strange includes fish, frogs, birds, worms, spiders. This meteorological phenomenon occurs in many countries, usually right after a tornado or storm. However, rain animals can also occur in good weather conditions.

Malformed red clay

Lightning malformed red (Red sprites) is flashing red rays appear above the storm clouds and storm clouds at a height of about 96 km. Many pilots ever said they looked to see this phenomenon, but their existence is not recognized until 1989. Red sprites are triggered by positive lightning between clouds and the ground, lasted a few seconds shortly thereafter. Lightning deformities blue (Blue jets) are similar deformities red clay, which are negatively charged and the blue cone, occur in the lower layers of the atmosphere.

Rain colors

Rain on Earth can bring vivid colors such as red, yellow, black and white as milk. Scientists identify algal spores in the air causes a color of this strange rain. Pollen can create yellow rain, dust, rain black coal mines.

St. Elmo Flames

Saint Elmo's fire is the weather electrostatic discharge occurs from a sharp object with higher charge density in the strong electric field (for example in the storm). Saint Elmo's fire is named after St. Erasmus of Formiae, patron saint of sailors. Many sailors describe it like balls of fire leap and climb aboard their masts.

Water hoses

Water hoses (water demon) is the tornado over water, rain clouds formed from developing. This phenomenon is common in tropical areas where thunderstorms occur frequently. Whatever happens on the water, but tornadoes do not really absorb water. The droplets formed by condensation can be seen in the form of a funnel cloud.Tornado sometimes create wind hiss and noise disturbance.

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