The case spawned animals 'people' cause shaken

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Many cases of animal lays out "who" is reflected in the press recently that public opinion could not shocked.


Shaped piggy babies.
Shaped piggy babies.

Pigs born people?

many people in the province of Binh Phuoc coil on the hog market potatoes of her husband, ethnic Stieng in Hamlet 2 Lap Ming, Chon Thanh District, Binh Phuoc piglets born to be a picture resembling babies.

According to her potatoes, baby piglet called because it has the same shape like a newborn baby. At birth, the pig is about 1kg.Round, hairless body, smooth skin, a straight back.

Pig shaped like child marriage was brought into Heat. However, only a few hours after birth, it was dead.

Reportedly, the potato breeding sows her house was three years and this is the second time it birth. First birth, it is the "oven" 3 little pigs completely normal.

Sheep peculiar face

This bizarre story happened in a village not far from the city of Izmir, Turkey. A ewe lambs were born with a human face.However, this animal had died at birth.

Erhan Elibol veterinarian who performed surgery to remove the ewe that said, the sheep no longer a top coat completely the same as the first, only natural sheep's ears. It was shocking for the whole village. Dr. Elibol insisted, was the son of sheep ewes and a certain man.

Sheep has led villagers to panic.

The locals tell, even dogs are frightened sheep head, to stay away.Villagers brought dead animal deformities brought under the rig fire burned so biologists could not come to study the mutant is unique.

Piglets born with the face like ... aliens

Residents of a village in Guatemala was stunned when a strange piglet was born here. This pig face looks weird, had similarities to both sides like the characters in the film about ... aliens.

Pigs face of aliens.

This pig has had a face like a human.

The people here blame the UFO is the cause of pigs "mutation" is.By the night of pigs born, a strange bright spot was detected in the sky. But the medical staff at local said that the cause was not from something so mystical. They said that could be due to environmental pollution or a genetic mutation.

Before the flurry of public opinion on a particular phenomenon, n Understand scientists in the understanding. In fact, it is the rare gene mutations. May be due to genetic mutation or mutations by external contamination such as environment, food ...

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