Difference between Urban and rural life

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Our country system is consists of two parts and there are different people who are living according to the needs like some people give prefer to urban life and some people live in villages.


Every system has its own advantages and disadvantages like in the Urban like all importance needs of the life are easily available like better education system, transport system, best ways of the communications ways and different ways of the job. In the urban life many people prefer to the job and business.


But there are some disadvantages of urban life that their many hazards of pollutions and life are too busy in the big cities.


Anybody can't participate in the happiness and sorrows with each other.


On the other hands, in the village life, people are mentally and physically strong because they get fresh food and air in the fields and gardens. They work whole day in the fields.


All villages have poor transport system and communication system in comparison with city life.


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