Digital Citizen fund of 2015

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The spring season came with its green covering and together with itself it brings new educational year for school students. The new educational year has already started and students have settled in their new classes.


The winter classes of Digital Citizen Fund have finished and the graduated students got their certificates. Since there were a lot of new students waiting in the queue for the new classes, the Digital Citizen Fund immediately started the new classes.


Digital Citizen Fund increases the number of women empowerment classes and starts new classes for Baghnazargah High School students. The school has a lot of talented students who are very interested to learn but unfortunately in the winter we could not organize classes for them. Students are very pleased with the new classes and the classes were full in the very first day.

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Herat Digital Citizen Fund is subpart ofDigital Citizen Fund based in NYC. Digital Citizen is a blogging and film platform that empowers the women and children of Central Asia with a "pay for content" model where bloggers and filmmakers get paid based on their Buzz (performance) Score. Monthly payouts…

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