"Divergent" is Set to Overtake Box-Office Competition, See My Exclusive Interviews with Cast

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Fandango is saying, the dystopian action-adventure, "Divergent," is poised to top the weekend box-office!  The nation's leading moviegoer destination reveals that their Fanticipation movie buzz indicator gave "Divergent" a dauntless score of 92 out of 100 points (check out my fun "Divergent" interviews below).

But have no fear Muppets lovers!  "Muppets Most Wanted" is resonating with families and scored 82 out of 100 points.  

According to an online survey of more than 1,000 “Divergent” ticket-buyers on Fandango:

  • 66% plan to go with a group of friends;
  • 56% were attracted to the movie’s unique concept, 29% to the action, only 15% to the romance;
  • 54% have read Veronica Roth’s entire “Divergent” trilogy;
  • 50% would pick the “Dauntless” faction, 19% Amity, 15% Erudite, 10% Abnegation, 6% Candor.

According to an online survey of more than 1,000 “Muppets Most Wanted” ticket-buyers on Fandango:

  • 82% grew up watching “The Muppet Show” on TV;
  • 72% are more interested in seeing the film because it’s a musical;
  • 71% had seen the previous “Muppets” movie with Jason Segel and Amy Adams;
  • 62% said the idea of a villainous Kermit lookalike (Constantine) made them more excited to see “Muppets Most Wanted.”

So, are you interested to know more about Fandango's Fanticipation?  Here's what the press release says:   

About Fandango’s Fanticipation

Known for having its finger on the pulse of moviegoers, Fandango’s movie buzz indicator, Fanticipation, provides statistical insight into the movies fans are planning to see in a given weekend. Fanticipation scores (based on a 1 to 100-point scale) are calculated via an algorithm of Fandango’s advance ticket sales, website and mobile traffic, and social media engagement.  Fanticipation is not intended as a forecast of the weekend box office; it is a snapshot of movie fan sentiment.




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