Driving Ms. Mahboob (in a Toyota!) on International Women's Day

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It's March 8th -- and I hope that you are observing International Women's Day with the heartfelt fervor it deserves. The reality of what is happening to women and because of women is both informative and inspiring. Just today, women marched in Cairo demanding that 50% of the body writing the new constitution be women. That takes not only guts, but relentless determination.

Please take a moment to meet Roya Mahboob of Herat, Afghanistan (near the Iranian border). Formerly a refugee, she is now the CEO of the very successful Citadel Software Company where half the employees are women. She also runs an NGO which helps widows earn a fair wage for weaving carpets. And she drives a Toyota!

Roya Mahboob is driven in more ways than one. Here, compliments of the NATO Channel, is a short video about Roya's amazing efforts to spur progress in Herat:


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Film Annex is collaborating with Ms. Mahboob on Afghan Development Web TV: "The mission is to show the world the new face of Afghanistan by broadcasting current event videos, interviews, and news clips as well as archival material directly from Afghan Youth Development." 
HERE you can find out more about the Film Annex Afghanistan Development project and hear directly from Film Annex CEO & President Francesco Rulli.

Today, however, Ms. Mahboob's Day. Hooray for all the women who are playing an increasingly important role in both economic development and democratization movements around the world. They should be encouraged, empowered and applauded every day.

We all have a lot to learn from their examples -- especially the part about guts and relentless determination.

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