''Education Problems in Pakistan''

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There are the many problems of Pakistan in which one of them is Education.After the independence Pakistan inherited the British education system which is made for slaves.Lord Mekale  was the founder of this system.After the 66 years of independence Governments are failed to give quality education to the Children of Pakistan that is way over half of the population Pakistan is illiterate.Corruption , Mismanagement, politics are the basic factors of this problems.                                                                                                                         All Different school of thoughts accept the right of education for girls so the Religion is not hurdle at all and "Islam encourages the seeking of knowledge" standard of higher education is good in Pakistan but the problem is at primary and secondary level .Dual education system it self a problem.                                                                                                                   

Law and order issues also create hurdles especially the girls schools of F A T A are demolished by terrorists low facilities of drinking water, furniture shortage, some time Teachers was,t came to schools , Ghost schools in the villages of Sindh and kpk, Punjab, Baloachistan,are also the part of problem.I think a Educational Revolution is the only solution.                                                                                                                              


Education Sector can be improved by following measures
(1)Same Education system.
(2) Removal of Politics.
(3) Strong action againt corruption.
(4)Bliuding and upgradation the schools.
(5)By giving monthly stipends to students.
(6)Maintaining law and order.                                                                                                                 

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