Educational System of Pakistan

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Knowledge and awareness produce sense, wisdom and mankind in every human being and make him polite and civilized. In old age people travel long distances to seek knowledge from famous and knowledge able teachers. But in modern age it is become too easy. Know we can get primary knowledge for ourselves in our mother city where we live.

In a country there is an educational system which control all school, universities and colleges of a country to make them batter. But there is a collapse in educational system of Pakistan. There are many imperfections in educational system of Pakistan. Some of these defects we try to discuss in this blog.

First there are private and Govt. schools in Pakistan. They are different in standard and syllabus. In rural government schools teachers come rarely. And in small private schools teacher do not know how to teach the students due to lack of knowledge and proper training. Educational boards are divided on divisional basis. Syllabus is separated in English and Urdu mediums. Examinational system is full of shit. Students become book worms and they do not know anything practical. And when they go in practical life they are zero. For national progress we have to change our educational system.             

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