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Every morning in every corner of the world, the sun rises, and for every creature, it's another day of opportunities. Some fail to see the sunrise as they are trapped below the horizon, unable to see this spectacular event. We all want to exchange ideas with billions of other people. We all want to trade products and services, but most of the times, we are trapped below the horizon by local regulation, country international affairs, limited access to technology, banking limitations and more.

Film Annex is a global network with registered users from 245 countries, islands and territories. We privilege entertainment and education. We don't discriminate based on the origin of the blog  article, video or film. We carefully measure quality of the content and social media power of the user based on our proprietary algorithm, the BuzzScore.


Portrait of Galileo Galilei by Justus Sustermans, from Wikipedia.


The BuzzScore follows the thinking of a famous Italian, precisely Tuscan, scientist and researcher, Galileo Galilei (15 February 1564 – 8 January 1642). Here are two interesting quotes from him:

  • "All Truths are easy to understand once they are discovered, the point is to discover them". 
  • "Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not".

Once we define the best contributors based on the BuzzScore, we reward them financially. We do not believe in the tap of the shoulder used by Facebook (Likes) and Google+ (+s). We STRONGLY believe that good content and good social media must be rewarded financially, within the terms of a global fair and unlimited mentality associated to Film Annex's mission: Digital Literacy and Citizenship Without Borders.



For a long time, we paid in US Dollars ($'s), but as of February 1st, we are introducing the BitCoin contribution and Payment. This means we do NOT start from a Dollar base but we define Contribution, Value, Payment in BitCoin, and we redistribute BitCoin to maintain a fair global and unlimited system of rewarding. The reality is that with US Dollars, we are limited to the reach of traditional banks and companies like Paypal that cover limited ares of the world and benefit only a very small number of users who have bank accounts.



Millions of Americans do not have bank accounts, and many who have bank accounts have limited access to them due to many external factors. Just imagine the billions of people who don't have bank accounts in the rest of the world, and in particular women from developing countries! Please read Roya Mahboob's, 2013 Time 100, opinion on BitCoin and Digital Currencies: BitCoin as a Digital Currency to overtake banking limitations of Developing countries? Please Read Roya Mahboob interview on Bloomberg, here.


Roya Mahboob, 2013 Time 100.


Thanks to our ingenious Italian software engineers who crafted the BuzzScore, following the footsteps of Galileo Galilei, we are able to measure and quantify quality, success and ideas.

Thanks to digital currencies like BitCoin, following the footsteps of the Medici Family and its worldly vision of arts and finance, commonly called the Renaissance, we are able to reward and sponsor the best artists and educators with a fair contribution and payment, without geographic limitation and discrimination.


Cappella Dei Magi, by Benozzo Gozzoli, (Scandicci, 1420 – Pistoia, 4 ottobre 1497). Source: Wikipedia.


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