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During the last week a script writing test took by some of the interested students. The successful students got their results and are studying script writing and working on their film treatments with their teachers. They will put their film treatments in the Examer Content Creator. It is a system that all can see the students’ Film treatments, comment, like and share them. It causes a sound and relevant competition environment.

The students who are writing for Film Annex are grateful of it. Because, they can show their talents, write their blogs and tell what they want. They can write what they want and share them. The students can earn money by sharing their blogs. They are very grateful of Afghan Citadel Company. 

Scenario writing besides blog writing made all the students very interested in Film Annex, so they make new accounts for their self and write blogs. It will help the students to improve their abilities and skills and the same Film Annex to develop and grow. 

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The Houz-e-Karbas High School was founded in 1962 in Afghanistan. The all-girls school has approximately 4000 students, 92 teachers, 5 senior teachers, one education manager, and one administrator. Many classes are taught in tents. Film Annex built the first Internet classroom at the Houz-e-Karbas High School in May, 2012.

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