Fan Fiction: The Werewolf Curse: A Halloween Fan Fiction story

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Note from me: Thank you for those who Buzzed. My Fan Fiction is really meaning. I don't mind for the Buzz, but, if I see one negative comment, I will not do anymore. This is not real, it's fiction, but, with characters that are real. Since next month is Halloween, I give you a fan fiction that done two years ago. Here is my fan fiction.

Characters besides yours truly

Wade Barrett

Seth Rollins

Chris Hero

Justin Gabriel




It was a few days before the Halloween party. Valentyna, Dominique, and I were getting our costumes ready. Valentyna was going to dress as sexy sailor, Dominique was going as a sexy angel, and I was going as a naughty school girl. Our lovers was going to dress up too. Wade was going as a pirate, Seth was going as a hot demon, and Chris goes as jock. It was just crazy. We had to get ready by then. The night of the party, we had to get ready, but one thing is for sure, something was just wrong. Our friend, Naomi, has just arrived to the party that we were hosting. She was dress as a hot firewoman and she was having a hard time finding Justin. I went outside and saw it was a full moon. "Oh no!" I said. "What?" asked Valentyna. "Do you know what is going on?" I asked. "No, what?" asked Naomi. "Look up" I said. Naomi and Valentyna look up. "DAMN IT!" said Naomi. "What? It's just a full moon. What is wrong about it?" asked Valentyna. "If I am not mistaken, Justin transformed into the werewolf" I said. "What? I thought it was just a nickname" said Valentyna. "No, Lindsie is right" said Naomi. "I am afraid that this is going on. We have to get the guys" I said.

"Okay, but, tell me what is going on?" asked Valentyna. "I will as you gather everyone" I said. "Okay" said Valentyna. Everyone came out. "Lindsie, what is going on?" asked Chris. "It's Justin. I am afraid he transformed" I said. "Into what?" asked Seth. "Into a werewolf!" I said. "Oh bloody heck!" said Wade. "Lindsie, what is going on?" asked Dominique. "Naomi, Wade, and I knew what is going on. See, Justin has just transformed into a werewolf and this happened before" I said. "When?" asked Chris. "The night before Summerslam" said Naomi. "What happened?" asked Seth. "Justin transformed into a werewolf as Lindsie and Wade were helping me to stop Justin transforming" said Naomi. "What? Why did you not tell me?" asked Valentyna. "Because, Justin went nuts and it took us so long" said Wade. "Wade is telling the truth. Justin warned us in case something bad will happen to him. He is been cursed by the family's curse mark. What happened was when he was returning to his country, a witch doctor who was curing his arm after he got it hurt at Wrestlemania, placed the family curse mark, after he refused to marry his daughter, because he was in love with Naomi" I said. "What curse mark?" asked Chris. "A witch doctor have placed a curse mark in Justin's family, because they refused to marry the witch doctor's daughter. It was just insane" said Naomi. "So, what do we have to do?" asked Seth. "We have to search for Justin and must get him back to his normal self. The only way to stop him going nuts is the kiss from Naomi" I said. "So how we are going to do it?" asked Dominique. "We split up. Valentyna and Wade, Seth and Dominique, and Chris, Naomi, and I. We will search and find Justin at all cost. But, I must warn you, if you are bitten by Justin, you will transformed into a werewolf!" I said. "WHAT?" asked Valentyna. "I know, but it's what will happen. The only way to stop the transformation is to kiss each other on the lips" I said. "Wow!" said Dominique. "I know, but it won't effect Naomi" I said. "How come?" asked Chris. "It's because I am his lover" said Naomi. "Yes, it is true. A werewolf can't bite it's lover, because the love is stronger then the curse. Justin told it to us" I said.

So, everyone understand. We split up. As we do so, I could hear the howls. "Naomi, Chris, do you hear the howls?" I asked. "Yes, I do" said Chris. "Yes, I can hear it" said Naomi. "It's defiantly Justin" I said. Justin was on a rampage. He jumped over us and start running towards Valentyna and Wade. "This is bad" I said. We soon follow him. He made his way to Valentyna and Wade and I screamed at them. "Valentyna! Wade! WATCH OUT!" I said. Justin jumped and attack Valentyna, but Wade push her out of the way and got bitten by Justin. Justin then ran away. "Oh no! Valentyna, quick! You and Wade must kiss!" I said. Valentyna understood and she and Wade were about to kiss, but it was too late, Wade transformed into a werewolf. It was just bad, however, Wade stand by with Valentyna. "So, what happens to Wade?" asked Valentyna. "As long as we can get to Justin, Wade will stay like it. You can't do anything now, until we get to Justin and Naomi kisses him. It's the only way to reverse the curse" I said. Valentyna understood. It was not that far, until we saw Justin bite Dominique. Seth and Dominique kiss each other so fast, Dominique did not transformed. We had no other choice, but to surround Justin.

"I am sorry Justin, but this is for your own good" I said. We surround him, and hold him down, so Naomi can kiss Justin. He tried to fight against us. But, we held him good. "I am holding him down! Naomi, you must kiss Justin!" I said. Naomi tried to kiss Justin, but he keep moving. Soon he break apart and then he went after me. Justin tried to bite me, but I was pushed away. I look and it was Chris. "NO! CHRIS!" I screamed. I start running to him and shedding tears. "Chris, no! I don't want you to change!" I said crying. "It's alright, Lindsie. This is the only way to stop Justin" said Chris as he hug me. Soon, Chris started to transformed. Justin saw me crying as Chris starting to transformed. Justin knows that he needed the love and fast. So, Justin looked at Naomi. He picked her up and then the two kissed. All of a sudden Justin starts to change back as well as Wade. The transformation that started to change Chris has stop and return to his normal self. "I am so sorry Lindsie" said Justin. "It's alright" I said. "Well, the curse is broken" said Naomi. "Yes, it is, my love" said Justin. "Okay, so we have a party to deal with" said Dominique. "Yeah, I know. But, it's just great to have it with friends" I said. "Yes, friends..." said Valentyna. "and lovers" said Wade. "Can we just go back to the party?" asked Seth. "Yes, let's go!" I said. So, we headed back to the party.

It was an awesome party. Justin had finally show off his costume, which was a sexy fireman. Everyone was on the dance floor... well except for Chris and me. Yeah, we sneak away from the party and just made out. "I never did this in high school" I said. "Well, at least you are with me" said Chris. "That is so true" I said. Justin and Naomi was looking for me to thank me for helping them. They found me with Chris and they were in shock. "Let's leave them alone" said Justin. "I agree" said Naomi.

That is the end. Happy Halloween!

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