Filming With Young People In Turkey Part 1

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In November 2013 I was executive producer and project manager on documentary film project working in the beautiful city of Cappadocia. Through this I worked with 10 young people to make 2 seperate documentaries. One about the life in Cappadocia and one about social action and empowerment work being done in the city. 

This work is part of some activist work I do through my work. Getting young people more interested in making films. We teach them how to film and then take them to a country they never would have got to go to, to help them develop both life and film skills. They learn some skills before they leave and then the rest is all on location. 

We helped them learn about camera skills and editing with the support of a BBC professional. Through this we also split the team into two to form two small production teams. Team leaders were appointed and research started for what would be the trip of a life time. 


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