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Usually flood season starts at the mid of June and ends up to 15 October, but it is experienced the floods come during the month of October. Though all the precautionary measures are to be adopted before the flood season to face any alarming situation and to avoid any damages. All kind of arrangements have been made as a strategic manner to pass the flood water safely. With the grace of almighty Allah all the flood structures are intact/safe to pass any stage of flood water but it is is a natural disaster which is beyond the capacity of the human power. Watching establishment employed for this purpose will remain busy in filling gharas and barrowing animal holes if any.


 If the adverse situation may arise during high and exceptionally high Flood limits appropriate watching of all Flood Protection Bunds will be started with departmental labour and work charge establishment and channels located in the Flooded area are also being watched to avoid any leakage.

 Sub Divisional Officers and Sub Engineers will shift their camps to sites as per duty roster to perform their flood duties. Necessary emergent work will be carried out immediately in case of any emergency/mishap. Hourly gauges and discharges will be conveyed to Civil Administration to inform public accordingly.


The flood water spill out. A gang of one man per mile per shift for three shifts will be employed on Main Embankment / Spurs. Whereas the labour strength of 2 men per mile per shift will be employed on Main Embankment and Flood Bund during rising position.

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