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Mostly asked question by the members of Film Annex Community, “How to make our buzz score high”???

Film Annex, a social media that pays enlighten its rules and cautions that how to work and how to make your buzz score high and how to earn more. But still, the community members still have complains and expostulate that their hard work are not fruitful and their buzz score is stand still or decreasing every day. I thought that it would be better to inform and clarify the rules of Film Annex with my friends, so that they stop sullenness and work with pleasure, make their buzz score high and earn more. Read the instructions carefully and get rid of anxieties and giving status on Facebook regarding this issue.

The most effective factors to make your buzz high:

  1. INFLUENCE: If influence of your blog is more, it will help you to increase your buzz score. The question here arises that how we can get more influence of our blog? The answer is evident that send your blog’s link or movies links on social network (For example:  Facebook) to your friends and ask for sharing on all social networks.
  2. SHARING: Sharing will increase your buzz score. Share blogs of your friends on all social networks mentioned at the top right side of every blog. Do not niggardliness while sharing blogs of your friends.


  1. “Keep Film Annex Original”, do not cheat or copy a blog or even a single line from any other source otherwise your blog will be flag, your will get penalty and may be your account will be block by Film Annex Authorities.
  2. “Focus on quality not on quantity”, Keep yourself away from writing chit chat in your blog. Always write a qualitative blog.
  3. “Title”, give title according to your blog. It should be meaningful and comprehensive. Avoid writing a story as a title.
  4. “Tag”, do not forget to tag the important dates, products, title and names while publishing a blog.
  5. “Edit link”, always insert link when you give reference of some important contents in your blog.
  6. “Images” insert relevant images; avoid inserting irrelevant images because it uglify your meaningful blog.

Micro blogs:

  1. Micro blogs means to share your views and thoughts or ask some important questions from Film Annex community. Avoid useless contents otherwise it will be spam by Film Annex authorities.
  2. You cannot share your view by writing a single word. For example you added an image and just write at the top head of the image “nice”. It seems unpleasant.
  3. Do not give too much micro blogs, it may be spam which will affect your buzz score miserably.


  1. The caution is evident while uploading movies. Make sure that you are not violating the rules.
  2. Do not infraction on the videos of others. Do not pull up fraction of “movies, music and television shows”.
  3. Upload self-made informative movies or lecture videos, it will be appreciated by Film Annex moderating team hopefully otherwise it will be baleful for your buzz score.


  1. Try to avoid giving more gallery pictures, may be it will spam which will affect your buzz score badly.
  2. It will be good to share your own taken picture.
  3. Try to avoid giving pictures taken from other source or from internet because you have to keep Film Annex original.

Dear friends, if you follow the above mention rules, you will feel pleasure while working at Film Annex hopefully.


Writer: Masood Khan

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I am doing Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from University of Engineering And Technology, Lahore,Pakistan.

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