Foot in the door: Getting work experience!

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Although I feel I've developed some fantastic skills during my time at University, I admit I have neglected sourcing work experience for myself. Many people within the industry have emphasised the importance of gaining experience with professionals, after all, making all the contacts you can is vital if you want to succeed!

For my second semester (in second year) I am determined to find some experience over the Easter period, or at the very least, arrange some experience over summer.

To do this I made a plan to contact 5 companies every week, (emailing and ringing when necessary) in order to maximise my chances of getting positive responses. I created a table database and kept records of my correspondence with the individual companies. This will hopefully prove very useful.

The importance of work experience can not be stressed enough, and despite my busy schedule with a number of modules to juggle until summer I am sure if I continue to persist I will reap the rewards.


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