From the American Dream to the Global Dream and Building Schools in Afghanistan

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On Sundays, my wife demands a nice coffee and the NY Post, an irreverent and straightforward NY daily paper with short articles. During our drive back from the beach, she reads to me whatever catches her attention. A few weeks ago, there was an article about, which was one of the inspirations behind the Buzz Score.

Yesterday, NY Post published an article on the book, Bunch of Amateurs by Jack Hitt. Hitt's point of view is from an American's perspective, and I agree on everything he mentions. In fact, it really reflects the inspiration and development of Film Annex and other initiatives like the Afghan Development project and (G.I.V.E.) Global Initiative for Veteran Entrepreneurship.

I would like to expand Jack Hitt's vision to a worldwide perspective and use this as a starting point to explain why INTERNET is today what used to be America, and how with Digital and Social Media we can allow students from Afghanistan and any other part of the world to enter the Global Dream. The American Dream was the starting point and the Global Dream is what we can achieve today. Facebook and Twitter are American Dreams that changed the destiny of Egypt and Libya, but Egyptians and Libyans are what changed the perspective of Facebook and Twitter. In essence, they are necessary for each other and make this a Global Dream.

Building Schools in Afghanistan and supporting the Afghanistan Education system with INTERNET classrooms and Digital advertising is the quintessence of the Global Dream and allows companies like Film Annex and its corporate partners, clients and suppliers to operate on a Global Level while building infrastructures beyond their borders.

Let's get back to Jack Hitt and his book. "In the latest job report for April, the country added 119,000 employees. How many of those came from the big firms ... The answer is a measly 4,000. That’s right: Almost 97% of the jobs being created right now were in small to medium businesses — and 58,000 of those new jobs came from small businesses and start ups."

Let's look at our reality: Film Annex has 280,000 registered users and Web TV owners who generate revenues. Film Annex has also 12 million unique viewers per month and a Facebook page with 172,000 fans. In 6 weeks the Afghan Development Project gathered over 13,000 fans on the Facebook Page and a staggering 1.1 million monthly unique on the Afghan Development Web TV as you can see on Quantcast's public data. The same Web TV has also raised $17,000 in advertising revenues in the month of May.

This is what I call the Global Dream.


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