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Hughes- Atleast my life has a bright future, I have a bueatiful girl waiting for me back in central, all alone.
How long until some punk tries to make a move on her!!!!

Mustang- y'know it happens in old war movies and novels all the time, the ones who don't shut up abouttheir wives are the first to go.

The fail here is that the setting of this scene doesn't correspond with the age of televisions , meaning Colenel Mustang would have no idea what a move is , just a flaw I noticed in the episode of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood - Ishvalan war of Extermination.
side note - Hughes was the first main character to die,, besides their mother and  that little girl.

Have you ever seen or witnessed and excessive script fail in a novel or tv show you have watched ?
If so feel free to share with the rest of us!

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