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Just a few minutes ago, I updated my GCash mobile application. I don't have my apps set up to auto-update due to the mere fact that that can drain my mobile phone's battery. So every now and then, I would navigate to my Google Play Store, check on which applications got some updates available for download.

Looking at the list, I found GCash made updates on some bug fixes for Unionbank and Invest Money. And because I often use this mobile app, I went on and update it. In line with that, I have this blog solely dealing about the changes on the GCash application from its interface to the newly added features. Let's dig into it!

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What is GCash?

GCash is a BSP-regulated mobile money service that lets you buy a load, purchase items, send and receive money, pay bills, and more using Globe, TM, or any other network. It’s like having your wallet inside your phone giving you hassle-free and safer ways to go cashless. That’s GCash!

Information Reference: gcash

I am a long time GCash user, I wrote blogs about it and shared it to many of my friends and family members who are now also taking advantage of the said application, making it a go-to application in terms of transferring money to my parents, topping up minutes and load to my mobile device as well as to my colleagues, even paying bills and investing!

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Here are some of the blogs I wrote and posted on bitLanders about GCash:

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I even joined GCash Digital Weekend events and received different freebies as a GCash existing user. Until now, I am still an avid user of the application so what's the better way to promote it than to write more blogs about it?

Today, the topic is all about the new interface and features that the past few updates brought to my GCash mobile application.

GCash Update: Bitter or Better?

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As per the update information, this was released to fix bugs on their Unionbank and Invest Money. There's also an option to add a personal touch in sending money by selecting a theme or uploading media like photos and videos into the procedure, that sound plus and lastly, there's a section on the app which provides how GCash users can use the app for online shopping. So I am quite excited.

But first, let's look into the interface changes!

GCash Mobile App Interface

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I have to be honest, I was expecting the update to bring about great login screen but this was a backward update instead. There's no more image or photo embedded at the background, it's now a plain dark blue GCash color with the mobile number displayed, the MPIN keypad to key in the pin number, the version provided and the forgot MPIN option to reset.

That was a little disappointing but since it still works and its just more of the design, I had to let it pass by and just log in to see more of the app.

Upon logging in, the GCash balance and credit now both appear on the launching page. Default one is the GCash balance in PHP with a pus (+) sign next to it for cashing in and below it shows the options and features for the app.

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It now has an additional feature for cashing out, managing credit, Invest Money, Bank Transfer, Personalized Send, booking movies and gaming pins!

But above all, what out of all the available features, I am truly eyeing on the Personalized Send which I am going to try in this blog to show to you how that works.

New GCash Features

Pay Online

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I didn't notice this before until today. There's a Pay Online section and I thought that was the same with the Pay Bills but they are actually different. So what is GCash Pay Online?

GCash Pay online is a part of the GCash shopping where a GCash user can use GCash as payment for some online shopping sites such as Lazada, Sephora, and etc. Actually, they got three categories for this such as:

GCash Accpunt Balance:
- Lazada
- Sephora
- National Bookstore
- Dragonpay

GCash American Express
- Netflix
- Spotify
- FOX+
- Google Services
- iTunes
- Facebook
- Cebu Pacific
- Grab

GCash Mastercard
- Same with American Express
- Steam Games

Personalized Send

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Curious about this part, I tried sending Php 10 amount to my husband's number. Sending money to another GCash account is totally free so there was no worry for this test process.

As usual, the page shows three fields, the phone number, the amount and a message, additionally, there's another section which a user can select a theme or perhaps take a photo by selecting the camera and then there's gallery for those who want to select an existing image on the device.

I find this really cute, there are currently 12 themes available. I believe they'll be updating that every now and then so expect more themes in the future.

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If the fund is not claimed too within 24 hours, it will be returned back to the sender. It's quite nice to have this type of option, imagine sending funds to your loved ones and add an image of you or an artistic vector theme! All of these transactions go over to the Inbox.

Invest Money

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This is not a new feature but it is one that might interest you as well because investing your money is a good way of spending your hard earned funds. Remember that we work hard to earn money so it is just right that we should make that hard earned money work for us too!

GCash Invest Money is the investment marketplace feature of the GCash App. This service allows users to invest in various investment funds from our partner product providers. Information : gcash

Currently, there's only one available product which is Atram Peso Money Market Fund. Anyone interested can simply open the GCash application, navigate to the Invest Money option, set your Risk Classification Profile and add the preferred amount, whatever amount it may be. In fact, there was no specific minimum amount for this, I even added just Php 100 at one time. However, I had set up a reminder to always put in money, Globe will send text messages every 15th and 30th of the month to remind me about investing.

Send Money to Bank

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Here's a new feature which I am not sure when it all started. Sending money to any bank is super convenient. I know there's GCash Mastercard which you can use to withdraw your GCash funds but having more options, of course, is better.

So with this, just select any partner bank listed within the Send Money to Bank page. It includes BPI, BDO, Metrobank, Landbank, Security Bank and a lot more.

Currently, the convenience fee is still waived so to those who have PayPal funds transferred to GCash but do not have a GCash Mastercard, send it to your bank account for free! Imagine, PayPal to GCash is free then cashing out to your bank is free too!

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There you go, I am not sure though if there are things that I have missed but so far these are the things that I have noticed after the recent update.

Are you a GCash user? How do you use the app?

Thank you for reading!


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