Going on a Location Recce? ...Oh great! (That's sarcasm). - Part 1.

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This isn't a guide to partake in a successful location recce, far from it, below are just a few thoughts and experiences I've had that could help...

I really don't like location socuting. It's not the walking around or the headache in deciding which location is best for a film project. Its merely the task of having to convince a complete stranger to use his/her establishment for a shoot.

As a second year student, who is very much still learning the ropes of film-making and although I've had to undertake location recces a number of times now, I still get a little nervous when face-to-face with an pub owner or a shop manager.  Like anything there have been good experiences and bad experiences...

I remember a time recently where I was searching for a quiet pub setting for a short film and I went into a local working class pub nearby to speak to someone. Before I could say a word, I was asked for my I-D by the barman (not a great start), I showed him, (my hands shaking with nerves now) and he asked what I wanted to drink. The truth was I didn't want anything, so I said I was "fine thanks", he frowned and informed me that if I wasn't going to buy a drink then I'd have to leave! Is he allowed to do that I thought? I bought a small coke and immediately began my pre-planned speech about "how lovely your place is", "it would be so ideal for my film" etc etc. Needless to say, unlike me with with the coke he didn't buy it! I left, £1.60 less in my wallet.

This was an isolated incident I understand, and in my experiences as a whole, even places where I am refused to shoot at, most people are very considerate and welcoming.

I suppose it is just one of those things that film-makers around the world have to get on with, I try to treat each of my rejections as a learning experience, finding out what to say, and more importantly what NOT to say. It's as simple as that. Sometimes to fullfill our dreams and make the films we want to make, we have to go out of our comfort zones more often than we'd like to. It's not something I am ever going to get used to, but I guess that's the point!


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