How to Prepare Ourselves for a Future With Artificial Intelligence

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The above video has shown how the evolution of work has taken place over the last 3.3 million years. Human continuously discovers new tools that could make our lives easier. There are conflicting ideas and opinions when it comes to technological advancement including artificial intelligence and how it will affect our careers in the future.

There will always be two effects in humans brought about by technological advancement - the first group is composed of those who will be deprived of the jobs and opportunities because either they can't cope or they refuse to adapt. The second group is composed of innovative, highly adaptive and those who are continuously learning in order to keep in pace with the new technology. 

I was born in 1973 and I personally observed how electronic items such as transistor radio, vinyl records, and long-playing albums, VHS, cassette and cassette tapes, walkman, and VCD were replaced by modern gadgets. I also witnessed the evolution of mobile phones from the one that has large cases and antennas (those were the first release in the local market in our country), up to the current model which could offer the greatest convenience in our daily lives.


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At the current time, almost everything we need can be provided by the modern mobile phone. We can use the mobile device not only as a tool for communicating but also for other purposes such as using it as an alarm clock, reminder, listening to music, playing games, social media interaction, watching movies, news, etc. Almost everything that we need can be done through the use of the mobile phone. This handy, lightweight and compact device have arguably become a necessity in the modern world. 


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Technology is continuously evolving and improving to serve us better. This revolution does not only include gadgets but the job market as well. As technology advances, so does the way things are being done, which can greatly affect our careers. The introduction of more advanced gadgets requires more highly knowledgeable individuals. So much so, automation is slowly taking over repetitive tasks. 

ATM machines have replaced human tellers, mail carriers were forced to leave their jobs because communication is easier and cheaper with the use of mobile phones. Some factory workers were already replaced by robots, and there are other jobs which had become obsolete because of the new technology. Are you afraid that your current job will be taken over by a machine or would be gone tomorrow because it is not anymore relevant to society?

What should you do?



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Today's generations are lucky to be born in the era of new technology and artificial intelligence. Meaning, it would be easier for them to cope with the demand for work. But how about those who were born and started working before the time of computers. Technically, we still have employees in our organization who belong to this category. They were already working before the computerization begins and it's still early for them to retire. 

Some of them found new technology to be extremely complicated so they decided to retire early. Some are trying to adapt but are also planning to retire from the service in a year or two. Only a few were able to learn and enjoy the application of new technology. I am glad I did.

Artificial intelligence and automation are no longer a thing of science fiction.  Artificial intelligence is real and growing in both the business and consumer landscape. For many companies, AI can streamline operations and improve decision-making with advanced data analysis. Automating routinary tasks can also help us to work on more important tasks that can propel our business forward.

In this Querlo C-Blog, I prepared some ideas and suggestions in order for us not only to continuously survive the world of artificial intelligence but most importantly to enjoy it including the benefits it could give us. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR A FULL-SCREEN VIEW.


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The Different Ways to Prepare Ourselves in the era of artificial intelligence divided into the following sub-topics are the main content of the Querlo C-Blog:

  • Understanding the Situation
  • Be Ready for the Challenges
  • Educate Yourself
  • Keep Up to Date on the New Trends
  • Enjoy the Experience

I hope you find useful information from this Querlo C-Blog.

Come and join me!

On the final thought:

Whether we belong to the group of Post Millennials, Millenials, Generation X or Baby Boomers, we are all experiencing the same impact from the effects of artificial intelligence. It is up to us if we would like to avoid or ignore its presence or to take action and maximize its potential. 


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