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I applied for a job once at a certain popular restaurant years back. I spoke to the manager and asked if they are hiring at the time. His exact words in quote to me:

"Sorry, we're only hiring immigrants". That was the end of the conversation. So you have a Canadian in need of a job, but yet you only hire people from far off lands to fill a position?

I felt violated. Almost like my own land is rejecting me. It was a form of racism, just this type of racism is acceptable in society. If someone wasn't hired because of the color of their skin, or because they are of a certain ethnicity this is called racism or it's prejudice is it not?

There is a system that squeezes domestic Canadians out of our own culture. It might not be done deliberately, but it is happening. I think this is why the government is clamping down on immigration these days.

I have helped my dad work before. The job was so hard that my dad would take his bandana off and squeeze the sweat out like it was just doused in water then he would put it back on his head. I have had hard jobs just like my dad (but I have never worked hard jobs as much as my dad of course), but there is this guy (who immigrated to Canada) who I work with, and he tells me that I don't work enough. I would just love for this guy to have done the jobs that my dad and I have done in the past. This guy wouldn't last an hour. His job is walking around the place, helping people, and picking stuff up around the place. He acts like it's so hard. I bet this guy wouldn't last even a half hour doing some of the jobs my dad and I have done in the past. He doesn't know what work is.

Look, I am not against immigration. I met my wife because she immigrated here. She herself is an immigrant. I love her so much. The thing that bothers me is when immigrants come here and act like everything they see in Canada was always theirs. An immigrant should not come here to expect the whole country to conform to them, but rather the other way around. This country isn't entitled to anyone! I am so thankful for being a Canadian, and if a homegrown man is thankful for being here, then immigrants should be a thousand times more thankful then me. This wonderful country was not established by wussies, or people that didn't work hard. It is so sad when people come to Canada and just act so entitled when they should be humbled and thankful just for being here. Just makes me sick!

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