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The system which is commonly using now a day is the deal between user to user via computer system or in a digital way, this type of collaboration between one to too many people around the same time and on the same day is basically called online system. Online system helps to grow or enhance or sometimes construct a strong relationship between different people around the globe with their respective concerns. Their concerns are sometimes is to sell their products sometimes it is the purchasing sometimes it is introducing and sometimes the shipping for their goods and many more. If we converse about the selling, purchasing and the marketing of products we have a bulk of information over there to initiate and to discuss about the matter of fact. To grow business we always have own product, the second main thing is the marketing of item, because if the advertising of product is touchy and impressive the product status always tends to remain elevated. Marketing or advertising is the key of success to every business or company.

These days companies advertise their product online shrewdly and enhance their ratings, they start advertising in different social media websites in the portfolio. These companies also gives contract to start marketing of their products on a basis of commission. This type of marketing is called the affiliate marketing. After the glowing outcome of affiliate marketing they start their business online.  The user likes and then orders their choice save it in a cart or directly order. This is the process through which the online shopping takes place, this type of business is called the business online. This method is productive, it makes the value of the product up high when the company desires to set business online and they did they hire employees, the employees works from different locations online and serve them complete consumers requirement and their needs as well.

Advertising agencies play a vital role for the companies, the affiliate marketing for the desired company and charge them like other companies paid for their items or their reputation. Advertising agencies integrates with company and makes for its online content or online business promotion, it is feasible for the earn money online system too.

Earn money online can also be productive trough affiliate marketing, making a blogger or be a blogger, helping through the sites to consumers, selling products online, participate in earn money online schedules, adding a website and cover the domestic issues of the country or a city, data entry jobs, these all methods are so effective in making money online. Whenever the companies want to start their business online they start their business through electronic business which we called as e commerce, the website becomes e commerce site, but online business or e commerce is somehow little bit not secure properly easily hacking of credit cards, cheating & frauds occurs.

 But in the mean time it is very beneficial too for the consumers and for the employees and also for the company to grow their business worldwide through per click. On the other hand affiliate marketing is also a performance based marketing strategy in which company or consumer works through a bridge of marketing, and the bridge is the agencies that start affiliate marketing throughout their efforts in digital mode.


Although it is the communications techniques which is apply on both the consumers and the companies throughout agencies that makes the organisation available to those consumers who takes interest in product and formulate them able to be seen to those who have no familiarity or awareness of products. 

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