Iran-UN Nuclear Agency Disappointed

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IAEA inspector team returned from Iran largely unsatisfied, and head of the Agency issued a brief statement that emphasized “disappointed.” The International Atomic Agency team was not granted access to an Iranian military facility and agreement was not reached on further cooperation. Frankly, find this result more risky than my previous assessment. Also, sharp rise in petroleum prices may be emboldening Iran to believe that US/EU sanctions and speculation could push prices so much higher as to more than compensate Tehran regime for cut-off from certain markets. Iran may believe it is out-maneuvering Washington and EU capitals. Read - Also Read-“$5Gas, Then Recession, Then Obama Loses” - By Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey – Follow @MuhamedSacirbey Facebook = Become a Fan at “Diplomatically Incorrect” Twitter – Follow us at DiplomaticallyX IAEA Statement (February 22, 2012): A senior IAEA expert team is returning from Iran after two days of discussions with Iranian officials held on 20 and 21 February 2012. The meeting followed previous discussions held on 29 to 31 January 2012. During both the first and second round of discussions, the Agency team requested access to the military site at Parchin. Iran did not grant permission for this visit to take place. Intensive efforts were made to reach agreement on a document facilitating the clarification of unresolved issues in connection with Iran's nuclear programme, particularly those relating to possible military dimensions. Unfortunately, agreement was not reached on this document. "It is disappointing that Iran did not accept our request to visit Parchin during the first or second meetings," IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano said. "We engaged in a constructive spirit, but no agreement was reached."

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