Is education valuable?

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Would you describe education as a cultural or normal process that everyone has to go through? Or would you describe education as a means of getting a certificate?
Or would you describe education as something else?
The term education originated from the Latin word ‘educate’ which means to ‘bring up’. From that, we see that education is the process of bringing up or developing a sound mind and a sound body.
In this light knowledge is vital for developing a sound mind.
Why though is formal education important?

1. It develops the mind thus making us capable of more accomplishments. Ask yourself. Why should I not study to increase my knowledge? Do you think your brain will get filled up? Your brain can contain up to 1 petabyte of information that is, it can contain the whole internet. Truly no knowledge is a waste. There must be a need or use for what you know. You can be able to accomplish more. The more knowledge you have the more complete your personality, thoughts, ideas, opinions and so on will be. For instance, everyone wants superpowers because we feel we are limited by our bodies. But it is not really our bodies that limit us. You can choose to learn and increase your knowledge. With your knowledge, you can even fly. What do you want to become? What do you want to do? If you feel limited then learn and learn more.

2. Knowledge gives you a better life. You would have a better life if you can be aware of dangers, avoid those problems and solve or manage the problems you are experiencing.
Divine education, the best kind of education gives you a better lifestyle. But does your academics help? Yes, for sure. For instance, the holy book says we should be clean and holy.
With more knowledge, you will understand why something or a practice is dangerous and when you understand why something or a practice is dangerous you will be more willing to avoid. For instance, almost everyone has been told or knows that after using the toilet one should wash his or her hands. Why then do you think that people still eat with your hands unwashed after using the toilet? One simple answer is, they do not know what microbes or microorganisms are, so they don't even understand how it can cause their death.
Education also helps you to deal with problems you cannot avoid. It helps you to keep the effects to a minimum.

3. Education is essential to achieve your dreams. As you know in business to make more money you need money (capital). Similarly to become a professional in any field you need the elementary and fundamentally education you should be getting now. That is a simple truth. There are no two ways about it. You want to be a doctor, carpenter, lawyer and so on. How successful you will be can be determined by how successful you are now in the level of education you are getting.


Learning is like exercising your mind. The stronger your mind the easier it becomes to understand more difficult things. If you don't train your mind with the fundamental things, how would you handle more difficult things later?

4. Education adds value to you. It makes you more valuable. People will value you if you are productive. To be productive means to yield good or results or creates goods and services.
You need knowledge to be productive because you can't use what you don't have.

5. Education not just certificates gives you a means to earn money. People may employ you to do what you know, or you may successful run a business that provides goods and services as an entrepreneur as you will often have a technical approach to problems and obstacles and can make a realistic plan.
These can help you to have a comfortable life. It can help other people, your children, your parents to get the life they deserve.
So far we've seen that education makes us capable of more accomplishments. It helps us have a healthier and better lifestyle. Helps us achieve our dreams and gives us a means to earn.

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