knowledge or money?

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Knowledge is the best phenomenon in our life .it can be rescue the mankinda from misery. Knowledge is essential for both men and women. without knowledge people can't invent anything and they are not successful in their life .

people who have  knowledge they grove their children in a good way they can participate in social and governmental establishment if we see the history of old  men of the world ,their inventions were effect of their knowledge .so knowledge is like asset for all of people of the world .right now most people  want to be educated .

knowledge is so important in  our life and it's obvious that by knowledge we can make our future. So knowledge enlightens the man and paves the way for realization of life and society .the world development and the modern pave the way for progress of science and education, so as to facilitate the life problems. Mohammad (peace

be upon him) recommends to his followers "pursue knowledge even it is in china". As well as he says learning is binding for both male and female Muslims male and female it seems that Islam as all along glorified knowledge and glorious caliphs' period can be a good evidence for it as knowledge was considered the most impotent part of life at that time.

The young should know that the only phenomenon which guides the human towards uplift is knowledge. So the young must have enough time to study books, magazines, newspapers and without any discrimination serve their fellow creatures.  All the works a society are depends to money and economy.

Because the country which be development from economy that country will be have a lot of deferent progresses from/knowledge, culture, and sociality. And also it

counts from Powderly countries. So life of a human is depend

 On her or is economy. Because the persons who have a good economy, they can have a good life and they can spend their life what happily.   




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sahar rahmati was born in the year of 1382 in herat province .now she is one of the students of eight class in MAHJOBA HERAVY high school

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