Labours play an important role in the betterment of a country

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Labours are those peoples that work on low scale and work done by hands.Labours are also called worker.In every country of the world all the peoples have no high scale jobs because of unemployment and lack of education.All peoples have not higher education.

Due to thisreason those peoples which have lack of education and these uneducated person work in shops,markets,etc.Those peoples who work in the factories are labours in true sense.These peoples work day and night with very hard efforts.Due to these labours the economy of country grow better.In others words we can say that the economy of a country depend on the worker and labours of that country because the power of country depends on the industries and their production.

Those country in which the large amount of factories are present,they are financially stable because their production are sale put in whole world and they get lot of money through it.Unfortunately in every country of the world either they are modern or old,the life of a labour is very miserable due to lack of money.

Their are no facilities for labours because their salary is very small as compare to the value of market.They work is very hard and difficult as compare to the other workers but we give very small reward of their efforts.

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