Learn about the types of DOS command in the computer

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Today we talk about the types of dos command and their uses in this blog. there are two main commands that are work in the dos command. Internal command and external command are the main function of dos command.

As we know that dos software are work on our command that we give outside, are the result they give us the data and information on the desktop that we want.All the internal commands are in the system file that are called command.Com.

Load this file when the computer start from the desk memory into the memory of RAM. When the computer switch off this file are exit and delete from the computer memory.They occupy almost 75 kb of RAM.

external command is store and the disc as a separate file. When we give a command to the computer, they load relevant file of this command from disc into the memory (RAM).

In short are the internal commands are in one system file and automatically load into the memory when computer start and we can used for normal purpose. External commands is a separate file system that are loaded into the memory for preserving it in the computer for special purpose.It protect to delete or exit data from RAM.

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