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Lie is always present to humans. It could be a white lie or totally lie even a little lie, it is a LIE. Nothing less, nothing more. 

Once you tell lie, people forgets your goodness and the truths that you had told them because of one lie that you had throw them. You already lose the trust that you wanted to gain to your acquaintances, friends, your families and most of all your loved ones. Losing trust from them is so painful. It totally breaking your life apart. Once trust is lose, there is no possibility that all the trust will be coming back just for you even you will say sorry for hundred times, thousand times or million times. 

Do you imagine if you are totally liar and everybody knows it? Do you think there is still by your side? Maybe yes, your true friends that will never leave you, but the question is if they can even put too much trust on you, or just for presence anyway if they need you, you be there also, am I right? We can never lose the fact that you tend to be alone if you have the title of becoming liar at all. 

I really hate that feeling but I will admit that I am doing white lies but also totally lying. I am committed it but I will not be clear that nothing wrong doings. It is better to admit what's your fault than repeated it for many times. If you can prevent or avoid doing it, then you should. 

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