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Careers for military veterans- In my opinion careers in the sports and fitness world are some of the best options for veterans. The Marine Corps is one of the most psychically demanding jobs out there, especially the infantry. It (G.I.V.E)'s every Marine the knowledge to make themselves stronger. On a regular basis we are .required to carry over a hundred pounds of gear and walk miles on end. This can not be done with a weak body.

Dream- My dream is to open a gym where I can (G.I.V.E) others the methods I have learned to stay fit and healthy. One of the first steps to achieving this dream is to design a Virtual Workout, made up of videos of male and female Marines demonstrating exercises and interviewing them on the subject. I will be doing extensive research in and out of the military to design the best workout possible. With this gym I hope to offer veteran friendly jobs, along with educating as many people as possible so that they may live healthier and happier lives. Veteran Businesses are by far the most successful and I plan to carry on the tradition

he Virtual Workout will only be a fraction of what I will be able to accomplish with an actual gym. The possibilities are endless and I plan to bring as many of them to life as possible with (G.I.V.E)'s help.

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I was born in Albany, New York. After graduating from high school, I decided to join the Marine Corps. I joined the infantry as a mortarman and got deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. I will be getting out of the Marine Corps in December this year. Before I joined the…

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