Marriage is private affair

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This story shows the culture and tradition of past people in

Nigeria which is one of the West African countries it mention

 About some marriage rule which dominate that tribe in Nigeria.

I found through story that how they are strict about

 Marriage to other tribe.

This story shows how people devalue women right which is also

 a common thought between our Afghans families they should

Stay at home don’t go outside in order to educate or

Was easy for them to forget their sons and daughter when they

Marry to another tribe which was different from them and

Didn’t accept their culture.

In our country we have families that are the opposite of

Women education and working. As one of our relative has a wif

that she had got her diploma from economy but her husband

doesn’t allow her to work.  So this is a rule in their family and women could not say any thing against them.

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